First direct, a division of HSBC bank, is a telephone and internet-based UK retail bank. Their latest advert ‘Adventures of the Everyday’ has sparked a mass of interest – read on to find out more!

Advertising Agency: Kamarama

Production company: Smuggler

Director: Guy Shelmerdine


In First Direct’s latest commercial, ‘Adventures of the Everyday’, we see an astronaut roaming freely through streets of London. First Direct’s recent move to modernise their brand is represented through the concept of the advert; the astronaut acts as a metaphor for the new and exciting opportunities First Direct have to offer.


First Direct is a personable and reliable retail bank that caters to individuals and to the needs of small business owners. They dedicate their work fondly throughout the UK and have recently been working on major developments to emphasize their brand. Currently, First Direct is modernizing their name by advertising a new system for internet and online mobile applications.


A good casting agency is only as good as its eyes for talent, and our company offers incredible connections to even the most physically demanding jobs. For this advert, we were responsible for casting the talent. Being UK’s only aerial acrobatic casting agency, we had the ability to cast two wire professionals, one of which was a real former astronaut!


Interested in how we went about this casting? Check our behind the scenes video here!


We have worked with production company Smuggler before. We had the fantastic opportunity to cast for England’s prominent sports drink, Lucozade Sport. Here, we casted for the most agile talent. We took the viewers through a sneak peek into the life of the famous boxer, Anthony Joshua.

Advertising Agency: Grey London

Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Chris Hewitt