Winning ad
Creative agency: Mother Creative
Team: Ana Balarin and Hermeti Balarin
Client: Kemi Anthony, advertising manager, UK & Ireland, Ikea
Production company: Blink
Director: Dougal Wilson

Home decoration giant Ikea has recently brought home a Thinkbox Academy award for their advert ‘Ghosts’ based in both the UK & Ireland. The Thinkboxes are awarded bi-monthly to UK advertising creatives and their teams. Celebrating a concept they coin being a “maverick with fabric”, Ikea chose creative agency Mother Creative to come up with the daring notion of decorating one’s home uniquely with a playful twist.

The commercial features a couple leaving for a night out and as they depart, their home décor rises and take the form of plain white ghosts. These ghosts throw a dull party with dry music and boring cocktail food. A knock at the door then reveals a new set of ghosts, who are decorated in colorful patterns and vibrant designs who have obviously come to party. These ghosts change the environment of the party with dancing, loud music and social diversity. As the couple returns, both the plain and trendy ghosts revert back to their domestic purpose and both the man and woman are satisfied.



Centralizing on the idea that being different is a good thing, the Mother Creative team of Ana Balarin and Hermeti Balarin dared to be bold. While sending this message, they were also able to help their client Kemi Anthony (advertising manager of UK & Ireland Ikea) convey their campaign of decorating non-traditionally. Diversity is a major factor in effective advertising and so director Dougal Wilson being able to capitalize on Ikea’s dissimilar decorating ideas in creative a way is well worth the award.

“A TV ad lets you tell stories, convey ideas and set a mood in a way that many other media channels can’t” says Ana Balarin, who has very clearly gotten her own message across.