Casting Agency for Food and Drink

Our food and drink casting agency service has worked with a variety of brands, producing high-quality commercials and adverts across the globe. We provide each client with the specific individuals they require. See this page for some examples of the work from our casting agency for food and drink adverts.


Lucozade Sport

Advertising Agency: Grey London
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Chris Hewitt

Shredded Wheat

Advertising Agency: McCann London
Production Company: Academy Films
Director: Daniel Warwick


Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO
Production Company: Stink
Director: John Hillcoat


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Andreas Nilsson


Advertising Agency: VML
Production Company: Perform Group
Director: Derek Anderson & Larocca


Advertising Agency: Grey
Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Ben Gregor


For all enquiries please contact the Chris Snode Casting Office: +44 (0) 208 771 4700 Mobile: +44 (0) 7770 994 043 Email:

Why choose our casting agency for food and drink?

Our hardworking team of researchers at Chris Snode Casting treat every project with the care and attention they require, providing excellent talent for each client. Recently, the food and drink industry have taken a liking to sports-style commercials, and generally speaking, commercials featuring athletes have led to greater interest, involvement and receptivity to the food and drink industry. This is Chris Snode Casting’s forte. With our expertise in sporting excellence, we never fail to please our clients by providing top quality athletes from a broad variety of dancers, from ballet dancers to sumo wrestlers.



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