American Sports drink Powerade has continued their TV campaign ‘That’s some kind of power’. This is a soccer-themed advert in the lead up to the upcoming FIFA world cup created by Wieden + Kennedy and focuses on a bodega shop owner with a very clear imagination.

The commercial is focused on the man, looking back on his youth saying if he had ‘that kind of power’, his soccer stardom would have reached different levels. He silkily moves past his opponents even going under defender’s legs and leaves the stadium in awe as he climbs high for a Pele-esque bicycle kick to score the winning goal for his team.

The senior brand manager for Powerade, Jason McAlpin, said “Even if you’re not soccer fan, everyone has a favourite movie. So that was a kind of a quick device, but also movies in nature are more often than not fictional and a kind of hyperbolic or extreme depictions of moving real time events are real-life events. So, it parallels very well with the core idea.”


Our work with Sports Drink

We’ve worked on many commercials for sports drinks in the past such as Lucozade and Gatorade. In our work for Gatorade, we cast English Male American football players to play American roles for there ‘Made for this Campaign’. We did the same when casting for female basketball players for the same campaign. Have a watch below


We’ve also worked with Grey London and Smuggler for the Lucozade commercial starring Anthony Joshua. We cast across the country for a selection of excellent footballers and athletes, to help create and energetic and compelling story of the rise of the heavyweight champion. The commercial was released in the lead up to AJ’s iconic clash with heavyweight legend Wladimir Klitschko and was directed by Chris Hewitt. Watch below