McDonald’s has created a brilliant sci-fi commercial visualizing the future 50 years of the Big Mac. The advert consists of a regular guy in 2068, going through his normal daily routine before his lunch break.

The worker slogs through his futuristic nine-to-five woken up by a hologram alarm and then walking to work in the rain with a hands-free umbrella. He battles through the day with the annoyances of every day life in 2068 such as junk mail appearing as an AR display in his glasses and makes it to lunch. However, his eyes are pre-occupied away by a female co-worker, who seductively mimes the action of eating a Big Mac.

The Message – “a lot can change, except the things that will never change”

‘Welcome to the next 50 years of the Big Mac.’

Although we know that technology changes the way we do things like commute, communicate and access information, McDonald’s show some things will never change – like enjoying two beef patties in a sesame seed bun.

Our McDonalds Adverts

This year we were lucky to cast for McDonalds, the official sponsors of ITV’s coverage of the Six Nations. Working with Leo Burnett, Academy Films and director Peter Cattaneo, the series of adverts were amusing scenarios displaying very strong players showing their softer sides. Despite having no real acting experience, we were really impressed with all of our players who all appeared to be naturals in front of the camera.

See one below